RoseHips Creations: a little about me

I decided to start  this project as  a way to reach out to people who, for  what ever reason, can’t  find clothes  they like, can’t find clothes that  fit or can’t buy off  the rack.  This  turns out to be  almost  everyone.  While I can do business clothes and day to day wear, I prefer to create costumes, festive  wear and special occassion clothing.  Honestly,  it’s  more  fun  for  me.

A  little  about me: I have been  making my own clothing  since  I was 12, I am a  size that  doesn’t  buy off  the rack  well and my grandmother was a very good designer  and seamstress. She  worked  in theater and ballet and taught  me  to drape  and fit  my own clothes. She  was  also a milliner and loved whipping up a hat to go with an outfit  for an evening  out. She  taught me to make  hats, and knit, crochet, tat, embroider, etc. If a craft  involves fiber I’ve  probably learned it at some point. She was also a recreational/vocational thrift  store shopper, and instilled  in me  the love of  the hunt. And the thrill of remaking handmedowns into new  garments.

I  went on  from  there to  designing for  theater. I  have  been doing about 2 shows a year  for the last 20 years. most  recently for Ohio Valley  Summer  theater and The Ohio University opera.  Working in community theater and opera has made  me  very comfortable with  designing fantasy, historical and appropriate costumes  for many shapes  and  sizes of  people.  I have  also work  with  reinactor  groups  from  several eras,  medieval, renaissance, regency, victorian and  steampunk, colonial, pioneer and civil war.

I  have  enter the Dragon Con, costume  contest as a professional. Twice. Recently i  won a local upscaling competition,  with a  dress that used 90% recycled  materials.

every summer for the  past 6 years, I  have run and shown in the Wisteria Summer  solstice  festival fashion show. This  is  a fun event that showcases the  creative work of  4 or five  designers, It’s a chance to pull out the stops and  not  set limits  on ideas. It’s a lot of  fun.

Welcome  to my world. Collaboration is  my joy. Together we  can make something unique  and  wonderful.